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If you have time...

I would love to share with you the following story on the birth of Brown Mouse which not only gives you an insight into my business beginnings, but also provides further clues to my style and approach to E-newsletters.

When my second child, a son, was born he suffered terribly for three long months with chronic reflux and colic. All day long he screamed in agony and the worst time for him was right after a feed. At night he would often wake every hour seeking relief or comfort.

My husband Jayson and I (apart from being distressed at seeing our baby boy suffer in this way) were incredibly sleep deprived. I would start to nod off at the weirdest times and have lost count of how many times I would walk into a room and forget what I was there for or draw a complete blank mid sentence about the point I was trying to make.

I'm sharing all of this in the hope you will send chocolate... only kidding! Really the reason I'm sharing this story is because out of this awful period in our lives began an amazing journey for me.

I was so tired all the time so I initially (and stupidly!) assumed that once it came time for bed, sleep would come easily. Not so. For hours I would lay awake worrying about Lucas and his reflux, worrying about my little girl Ashlyn and how she was coping with it all but mostly just trying to get the incessant parade of Hi-5 and Wiggles songs out of my head.

Eventually I decided if I couldn't sleep I might as well be doing something I enjoyed so I started surfing the net. I couldn't tell you how late night bouts of online shopping turned to researching ideas for a new business but there you go. Somewhere in amongst the haze my third child was born ... Brown Mouse Communications. I have to admit this most recent birth was far less painful.

For the past 11 years I have been earning a living as a writer in print form (newspaper journalist, sub-editor, freelance writer, public relations consultant) but during those long late nights and early mornings I developed a new passion for and understanding of electronic media.

Now I help small businesses access this technology as a delivery mechanism for high quality, individualised electronic newsletters designed to build stronger, more meaningful client relationships, which ultimately result in more profit.

My variety of service levels means lack of time, money or know-how is no longer a barrier for you in realising the benefits to your business of an E-newsletter.

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