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Edition 9

I'm sorry!!

Today's E-newsletter arrives in your Inbox with a heartfelt apology. Sick children has thrown my perfectly organised work/family schedule into complete disarray. My little man Lucas has had pneumonia (poor sausage!) and my daughter Ashlyn has been suffering with one bad cold after another.

So for the first time, I have simply not had the chance to sit down and write an article specially for you on putting the value of an effective E-newsletter to work in your business.

For this I'm truly sorry but!

My commitment to providing you dear reader with at least some value from this little message knows no end so I include for your interest a link to an article by Austrian author and email marketing expert Mark Brownlow.

In it, he talks about achieving three critical elements of E-newsletter success - Professionalism; Value and Personality. The man's a genius! Have a read and email me your thoughts.

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