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Edition 4

Guerillas get in on E-newsletter act

I just knew that I would regret selling our family beach buggy two months ago.

It’s not the street cred I had with local teenagers for driving around in a rough as guts, soft top four wheel drive complete with huge chunky tyres and a camouflage (that’s right I said camouflage!) paint finish that I miss.

And it’s not the salute I used to get from the kid on the corner who may have been under the misguided (and not disencouraged) impression that my little toy-like army jeep meant I was a tough-as-nails soldier of some sort.

I miss “Zook”, my 1.3L 1991 Suzuki Sierra because I have just discovered that I want to be a Guerilla Marketer.

A camouflage car would have been the most perfect accessory, along with my bag of chocolate frogs, my tube of Bonjella teething gel and a drawer full of Wiggles DVDs, my weapons of choice for Guerilla Parenting.

Guerilla Marketing for Consultants by Jay Conrad Levinson and Michael McLaughlin was my rather practical and probably slightly unusual Mother’s Day present but it couldn’t have been more brilliant.

I’ve been absolutely glued to it for the past week, absorbing the words of wisdom in short five minute grabs whenever I can around the kids. Hence my pristine new book complete with camouflage cover is now sporting a few vegemite stains, a bit of soy baby formula, some sand-pit sand, globs of pink play dough and a gorgeous sprinkling of green glitter.

Thanks to this brilliant book, not even my toddler’s hunger strike or my baby’s pre-dawn wake-up calls could dampen my happy mood.

Why? Seems E-newsletters are also a perfect accessory for the ultimate Guerilla Marketer.

According to the bible, Guerilla Marketing involves applying marketing logic to every aspect of your business. Apparently, “Guerilla Marketing extends beyond selling and completing projects – it applies to everything you do”.

This includes your business name, pricing plan and where your office is, to how you answer the phone, the look of your invoices and envelopes and importantly, the types of clients you choose to work with – everything you do!

Total genius if you ask me! Course I'm just saying that because Michael McLaughlin was kind enough to respond, from the other side of the world, to my emailed request to quote his book in under 12 hours.

Levinson and McLaughlin refer to E-newsletters as a Zine (pronounced Zeen) and define it as “an email based publication that is sent on a specified schedule to subscribers who have agreed in advance to receive it”.

While they credit zines as “a low-cost, high-impact marketing tool…that can heighten your visibility in the marketplace, build your reputation as an expert and open dialogues with prospective clients”, they also go on to explain a successful one also creates plenty of challenges.

“The most daunting challenge of zines is competing for clients’ attention with the flood of e-mail they already receive. You will have to fight, not only to win a place in their e-mailboxes, but also to get your subscribers to open and read your zine,” the book says.

But master the art and the rewards will come. According to “Guerilla Intelligence”, to be successful, your zine or E-newsletter must:

• Create trust between you and your readers

• Deliver value

• Stimulate dialogue with readers

• Exude professionalism

• Hit your target markets

Got questions on how exactly you achieve these E-newsletter must-haves? Send me an email, I’d be more than happy to offer some advice on improving your E-newsletter by applying Guerilla Marketing logic. I’ll even put on my camouflage t-shirt and wipe vegemite across my cheeks if you think that will make me sound more authoritive on the subject.

Or maybe you’ve got an example of how you have applied Guerilla Marketing tactics to your business. Remember, Guerilla Marketing means applying marketing logic to absolutely everything you do.

I would love to hear them and then with your permission, share them with our subscribers in the next edition of Mouse Mail. So again, send me an email. I would love to hear from you.

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