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Edition 3

Postman revs up E-newsletter discussion

I really like my new postman and not just because he surfs. I’m not even sure what his name is but my two-year-old daughter Ashlyn thinks its “Bill” since often when we hear his little motorbike pull into the street I say something along the lines of

“Oh no, here comes the bills!”

Anyways, after just a couple of weeks on the job, “Bill” began arriving every weekday morning with a big grin and a friendly wave. If the kids and I are outside there might also be a quick “Hello”, a comment on the weather or a compliment on the latest development in our beach house renovation.

When there’s a parcel he rides right up to the front door and has quickly cottoned onto the fact that our house runs on caffeine since he can smell the unmistakeable perfume of fresh coffee beans emanating from most of the parcels he delivers to our door.

But as much as I like postman Bill I wouldn’t recommend to any business owner that they rely on him alone to deliver their newsletter.

Here’s why:

From the moment Bill drops that newsletter into your client or prospect’s letterbox, you (the sender) have no idea whether it’s blown down the street in a gust of wind, been collected and thrown in the bin before it even reaches the house, collected and used to light the fire or line the budgie cage or collected, read from cover to cover and sparked a sale.

All of this can change by converting your print newsletter to an electronic format or E-newsletter. Literally hundreds of companies these days are offering an email delivery system that will track the progress of your newsletter by providing reports and statistics on the number of people who opened your email, click through rates, forwards, deletes and unsubscribes. The real gold here is not just the “how many” but the “who”. You’ll know what each person on your email list did when your E-newsletter landed in their inbox.

Imagine this type of immediate feedback and how powerful it could be in tailoring your services to the specific interests of particular clients.

And the best bit is these services are often incredibly affordable with most offering a monthly subscription or per email fee system which operate on a sliding scale depending on the size of your email list. Just type “email marketing” into a Google Search for a huge range of examples.

Think how much you will save on printing and postage alone?

Of course, once you have the ability to send and track your E-newsletter, you need to know how to make it successful – how to make sure your subscribers anticipate it, relish it and best of all, talk about it and forward it on to others.

If you are new to Mouse Mail, you may have missed this earlier edition with precise tips on improving your E-newsletter open rates.

In the meantime, do you produce a print or email newsletter? I’d love to hear about it. How long have you been publishing? How’s it working for you? Is there anything you would like to improve? Email me.

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