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Edition 24

Are your readers engaged?

What's your dream car?

No, not the one you drive, but the one you WOULD drive if money were no object. Email me your answer.

In my early 20s (hint: that was a loooong time ago!) mine was an MX5.

That's why when my dear husband of almost nine (gasp!) years ago now, proposed, he did so with an MX5 parked in the garage.

He'd hired it for the weekend and once I managed to utter those three little letters beginning with 'Y', he whisked me away in manner of gallant prince on horseback.

I have to tell you though, that whole sportscar, top down thing kind of lost its appeal about 15 minutes later when we drove past a stinky abattoir.

I'm sure you're wondering about now why I'm talking about the night I got engaged.

Could have something to do with this:

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are changing the way they identify spam.

These days it's not so much about whether their customers are "opening" emails from a particular sender, but how much they ENGAGE with it.

So what does that mean for your E-newsletter?

It means your readers need to be clicking all over your newsletter so their ISP can see they ARE actually interested in receiving it.

You see, if an ISP decides that your E-newsletter is spam it will be treated differently.

It could be tagged as spam in the subject line, it could be automatically delivered to the junk folder or it could not be delivered at all.

To ensure your E-newsletter is not attracting this type of spam treatment from the ISPs, you need to think beyond just scoring an Open from your reader.

You need clicks. You need your readers to interact with your email in some way - click on a link, hit reply and send you a response of some sort, you get the gist!

So how do you get more clicks given you are already delivering strong content to a permission-based list of people?

Here's my four tips for more clicks:

Make sure your E-newsletter actually contains some links to click on.

Don't overdo it so your readers are completely distracted, just a sprinkling to increase the usefulness of your message.

Provoke responses - ask questions, be provocative even and be human.

Nobody feels like sending a reply message to a lifeless database.

Run competitions

Seek feedback - on the newsletter, on your business, on a topical issue.

Now if you'll excuse me, I feel the need to go and gaze at photos of myself aged 23 with a hot, red sportscar in the background - oh, and a gallant prince too!

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