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Edition 23

Tired? 5 tips to keep you publishing

My hands are shaking so much right now I can hardly type this email.

The reason my hands are shaking is because my arms are shaking...and my legs too.

In fact, I'm really just a great big blob of wobbly jelly.

You see I've leapt into 2010 with a desire to up the ante on my fitness regime so I've thrown some weight training in with my cardio mix.

Wow! Even to me that sounds pretty impressive.

If only I could curb my almost daily morning Coffee Chills and helpings of fancy muffins, biscuits and cakes that I've "made for the kids"

I could look vaguely like Jennifer Hawkins.

Shame eh? Instead of Miss Universe I have to settle for Captain Jelly!

Anyways, this morning's weights class really sorted out the men from the boys so to speak and I've got to tell you, I'm feeling pretty fatigued.

But it's not just my weary bones I've got to complain about. My pool of E-newsletter inspiration is feeling a tad fatigued too.

I've been publishing Mouse Mail on a monthly basis now for nearly two years and I seem to have hit a spot where I just don't know what to tell you.

It's not that I haven't got any info to share...what I'm struggling with is how to share it in a way that is interesting, fun, entertaining.

I know the last thing you want is MORE information. You're drowning in the stuff but what I know you could ALWAYS do with is a distraction.

And if you learn something along the way, all the better!

So with all this in mind, thought I might share with you a few tips on dealing with Writer Fatigue.

If you've been reading this marvelous publication for a while now, you'll know that consistency is crucial to the success of your E-newsletter so the last thing you want to do is use your Writer Fatigue as an excuse for not publishing.

So it's time to toughen up Princess! And here's how:

Brainstorm some topics.

Nothing kills inspiration quicker than pressure. As usual you've left writing your newsletter until the last minute and now you can't think of anything to write. Kill that type of pressure by brainstorming a bunch of awesome topics in advance. If you publish monthly, think of three or 4.

Read the newspaper.

Topical issues are always a big hit. Look for ways to tie your message in with something that's dominating the news right now like Federer's hot backside - I MEAN BACKHAND!

Check out the competition.

What have your competitors been spruiking about lately? Put your own personal spin on a topic someone else has highlighted.

Look to your industry.

If you publish a regular E-newsletter I'm pretty sure you're the type of business person who is dedicated to leading your field. So look to the websites, study materials, industry publications or wherever YOU go to maintain your cutting edge. Maybe there's something happening that affects your clients and customers too.

Re-visit a topic you've done before.

If it's important, there's no harm in reinforcing the message, just present it in a different way. Or package up a series of topics that gained the most attention or interest like a "Best of" edition.

Right! Now there's no excuses. So until next month when I'll be here to distract you again, get back to work.

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