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Edition 22

Home is where the danger is

Since having children I've learned that stuff goes wrong and ALWAYS when you least expect it.

All of my parent friends are very safety conscious when it comes to their precious off-spring.

In fact, as a generation of parents, we've been accused more than once of wrapping our kids up in bubble wrap - or was it cotton wool?

Anyways, what I've learned is that you can be as careful as you like but sometimes, stuff goes wrong and accidents happen.

Take the time my innocuous electric cake mixer tore out a chunk of my daughter Ashlyn's hair!

Yep! She leaned in for a closer look at that delicious looking cookies 'n' cream cupcake mixture and before I could even blink, there was a bald patch on her poor little head the size of a 50c piece.

There I was worrying about keeping the sharp knife we used for chopping up the cookies out of reach and warning her not to touch the oven door as it warmed up in anticipation.

Ashlyn was over it pretty much as quickly as it happened while I was left a shaking mess, with images of how much worse it could have been flashing through my mind.

I bet we all have a story about near misses around the home. I'd love to hear yours so send me an email if you dare.

Promise I won't tell anyone!

So anyway, stuff happens right?

With this in mind, there's one thing I want you to do once you've finished reading this marvelous publication.

I'm not even going to ask nicely since the very future of your E-newsletter could depend on it.


And do it regularly.

If you're a smart email marketer, then you're using an Email Service Provider to manage distribution of your E-newsletter.

And if your ESP is like mine, they also take care of managing changes and updates to your subscriber list.

It's all automated and brilliant.

But hey, stuff happens. So put safety first and start your back up now.

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