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Edition 2

Commit to the long haul for a fit E-newsletter

Recently, after the birth of my two children in reasonably quick succession, I decided it was time to get fit. This impulse came at about the time my two-year-old daughter Ashlyn was racing around on the front lawn and flapping her arms to show mummy and daddy, plus some friends who had dropped over, her incredibly graceful and light-footed fairy dancing.

What might this have to do with E-newsletters you're thinking? Nothing yet but stick with me ...

My previously mentioned fitness resolution hit me rather suddenly as Ashlyn stopped mid flight to bend over, rest her hands on her knees and begin huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf. I think it might have taken the other adults watching a while longer to catch on but I knew right away with embarrassing clarity that she was copying the way mum had been "fairy dancing" earlier that day.

"Ahhhhh kids! They're just like a little mirror," my ever gallant husband cried, who instead of riding to the rescue of my shame, rolled around on the ground in fits of laughter.

Anyways, I am pleased to report that I have turned my pain to gain by taking up skipping or jump rope. Five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night was my initial, and I thought very achievable aim given my busy schedule. Easy Peezey!

Of course I was dead wrong…but not about this little ditty having something to teach us about E-newsletters. The punchline cometh soon!

As I stepped outside the back door and began to jump my silly dog Holly thought it was good fun to try and bite the rope as it hit the ground while Ashlyn shouted words of encouragement along the lines of "Boing, boing, boing" as she herself jumped up and down and into the flight of the rope./

Getting fit again was going to be much harder than I initially thought.

Two weeks on and I am happy to report that I can already see some improvement in that I can actually skip now. Increasing my fitness level through this punishing activity though, could take a little longer but I know as long as I stick with it, I'll see some results.

It's the same for E-newsletters.

Don't expect that your phone is going to start ringing off the hook approximately 20 minutes after sending your first E-newsletter. An email marketing industry accepted average open rate is just over 30 per cent so busting out of an already over-crowded inbox is no easy task. But it can be done.

With the right attitude and the right approach your E-newsletter can become a must read and it can become one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal.

In the same way I couldn't expect to look like tennis glamour girl Maria Sharapova after one or two sessions of skipping, it will take time for your E-newsletter to initially get noticed, and later actually work its magic by developing a stronger relationship with your clients and prospects and ultimately building sales.

Commit to your E-newsletter for the long haul, stick to your publishing schedule and never compromise on the quality of your content.

Think of your E-newsletter like the development of any lasting and worthwhile relationship – you can't expect kisses on the first date but treat it right and the rewards will come.

Brown Mouse Communications helps small business owners build trust and win sales through high quality, individualised email newsletters.

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