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Edition 13

Roller skates spin a good yarn (and) So you think spam killed E-newsletters?

What’s your favourite memory of that totally glamorous decade, the 80s?

Mine, as it happens, came long afterwards in 2002 at a friend’s 80s themed party.

It went something like this.

I was a bit of a roller-skater as a kid (took lessons and everything!) so naturally (okay, stupidly!) presumed that when I pulled a Xanadu-style pair of white with red wheels on some (er…..) 15 years later that my prowess would remain and friends would easily mistake me for Olivia Newton-John.

“It’s like riding a bike”, I confidently assured my husband Jayson in the lead-up to the party who was encouraging me to pull them out and have a prepatory practice, “You never forget!”.

Boy was I in for a shock. Yeah, you guessed it, A over T, in front of everyone, round about the time I decided (feeling more confident) that I’d start dancing on my skates.

“Video killed the radio star, video killed thaaa phwup, bang!!”

Ten weeks (Yep, 10 weeks!) later when the wrist I fell on was still sore, I trotted off to the docs. Turns out I had a small fracture in there somewhere.

Now, did somebody say: “Video killed the radio star”? I hear a phrase like that all the time these days except it goes something more like: “Spam killed the E-newsletter star”.

Many people write off the incredible profit-building power of an E-newsletter and even Email Marketing in general because they reckon their message gets lost in “all that spam”.

Now, as you know, I’ve got little kids so I try to keep my language pretty saintly most of the time but I just have to say this: Crap! Absolute Crap!

The world over, big marketing execs are picking up great big chunks of their hefty budgets and literally throwing them in the direction of Email Marketing.

A survey of B2B marketers in November, 2008 noted that 68.3 per cent intended increasing spending on email marketing in 2009.

The DMA estimate spending on email marketing (in the USA) will increase from $600 million in 2008 to $700 million in 2009.

A 2008 survey by Forrester Research revealed that 95% of surveyed marketers use email marketing, with another 4% planning to do so by year end.


  • It allows targeting
  • It is data driven
  • It drives direct sales
  • It builds relationships, loyalty and trust
  • It supports sales through other channels


Spam has not killed the E-newsletter. It has just made us E-newsletter creators smarter.

We’re smarter because instead, we make all that spam-generated email clutter work to our advantage.

Quality email marketing with a professional look, a strict permission-only approach and absolute commitment to delivering value makes smart email marketing stand out in the crowd.

Suddenly your audience sits up and takes notice because among all that white noise coming from their Inbox is you, a genuine, familiar and friendly voice they’re glad to hear from because they know there will be something in that email for them.

A special offer, a valuable piece of information, a welcome distraction, the answer to a burning question, a good laugh, expert insights.

If you haven’t got something valuable to offer your email recipient, don’t bother emailing – Oops! I mean, put your thinking cap on and find something valuable to offer.

Need some ideas for creating valuable content in your E-newsletter? Send me an email.

And speaking of Email Clutter, I’ve got a mate who is making a solid living out of helping people deal with not just email clutter, but every kind of daily clutter that he says is stressing us out.

Mark Lovekin, better known to just about everyone as Chook, says our inability to deal with the sheer deluge of information we encounter every day in our lives now has us feeling disorganised, fuzzy-headed, stressed, unable to cope, even depressed.

And says Chook, this fuzzy head thing has a name and is a fully recognised modern-day syndrome called Cognitive Overload.

Sounds drastic yeah? Even just a little bit of Googling will tell you that Cognitive Overload is pretty drastic and pretty widespread to.

Well don’t panic because Chook’s developed a system – It’s called The-5-Keys.

In the next edition of Mouse Mail I’ll be deviating slightly from my usual talk on E-newsletters to address email in a more general sense.

Chook’s going to share some of the secrets from his The-5-Keys system on dealing with your email clutter which is just one step on the road to what he calls Cognitive Freedom.

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