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Edition 10

The hairy truth about E-newsletters

Gosh I'm a sucker!

To tell you why I have to take you where many have feared to tread, the deep dark depths of my childhood.

Thanks to my parents (who else!) I carry deep scars associated with the haircut I had from approximately age 6 to 12.

As a teenager herself, my mum completed exactly one year of a three-year hairdressing apprenticeship.

This qualified her, at least in her mind, to cut my hair, my big brother's hair, and the hair of any unfortunate (sorry Ma!) child who lived nearby.

The do was boyishly short which made the cowlick at the back of my head stick up and was completed with an ultra short crooked fringe where my other cowlick would stick up.

Nup! No cute little pig tails with bows or bobbles for this little black duck. How jealous I used to be of my friends with long flowing locks.

Now as a mum myself I must admit that I am truly guilty of inflicting these painful childhood scars on my own daughter Ashlyn who turns 3 this month.

Every morning I insist on putting it up for her in pig tails, pony tails a top-knot, a plait or whatever takes my fancy that day, and finishing off with one of the growing collection of bobbles, bows, clips and other fancy things I have been gathering at a feverish pace.

Poor Ashlyn always seems to enjoy the finished masterpiece but finds it incredibly difficult to stand still for the 10 or so minutes it takes and spends the entire time grizzling and yelling at me to stop "ouching" her!

Now with her hair looking so gorgeous, the matching outfit is of course paramount.

This brings me to why I'm such a sucker and my all important E-newsletter tip for this month.

I'm a sucker because every time children's clothes label Pumpkin Patch sends me one of their emails announcing latest specials available at their online outlet, I can't help but visit the website and check out the bargains.

More times than I'd care to admit to my other personality, which is extremely budget conscious and completely immune to impulse buying, I actually buy another outfit for either Ashlyn or my 16 month-old son Lucas. Can't help myself!

But who could blame me because there are actually more factors at play here than just the awful memories of my childhood haircut.

They are:



Top-of-mindedness (I'm sure that's a word!).

And guess what dear reader? These are two very powerful marketing factors you can achieve for your own business with a quality E-newsletter like this marvellous publication.

You see Pumpkin Patch know I trust 'em because I've bought way too many things online from them already.

I know the clothes are always great quality, fit beautifully, are a good price and arrive promptly. I remember how happy I always am when their parcel arrives.

PP also knows that with every purchase from them comes more trust from me so they keep in touch with semi-regular emails.

They keep in touch because they know it's much easier to make a sale by encouraging me to buy again, rather than someone who has never bought anything from them before.

They keep in touch to stay Top of Mind because like most online shoppers I have practically nil ability to remember a website I visited this morning, let alone yesterday or several weeks and months ago.

If they didn't stay Top of Mind I'd be just as likely to go looking somewhere else for a fancy new outfit.

Now I love a good statistic as much as the next person so here's a few to demonstrate this idea that someone whose bought from you before, who trusts you and remembers you, is pretty open to buying from you again and again and (ideally!) recommending you to all their friends too.

It costs 5 to 10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an old one - Emarketer (2005)

A 5 per cent increase in retention yields profit increases of 25 to 100 per cent - Bain & Co.

Consumers who subscribe to E-newsletters, generated 34.25 per cent more product sales - ConAgra Foods case study in association with Marketing Sherpa.


Yep! Trust and Top of Mind count.

Unlike a simple Email Promotion though which ticks the Top of Mind box, an E-newsletter done well is far more capable of developing trust-based relationships with your customers.

So if you're preparing to launch yourself into 2009 with a smokin' new marketing campaign, make sure you write to Santa and ask him for an E-newsletter.

PS. If you'd like more cool E-newsletter stats like those above, email me and I'll send you my most recent collection of research. There's some great stuff on the excellent Return On Investment offered by Email Marketing.

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